Matching Grid System to Ceiling Tiles - How To

Antique Ceilings is leading provider of decorative ceiling tiles made out of PVC. These ceiling tiles are designed to work with 1" T-Bar Grid Systems. Since our ceiling tiles are available in a wide array of faux finishes, the grid system itself needs to match those finishes.

Some of our current colors that we carry are:
White, Bronze/Black, Bronze/Brown, Copper/Black, Copper/Brown, Copper/Patina, Gold/Black, Gold/Brown, Silver/Black, Silver/Brown and Silver/Patina.
The widely available drop in grid system bars come in White and Black colors. The white will match our white ceiling tiles. The black grid system will match the background (base color) of the ceiling tiles that are Metallic/Black. In most cases it is enough to have the grid system in the background or the base color matching to the ceiling tiles - as seen in the photo at the bottom of this page as an example. Please see following matching paints for the base colors:

White - Behr White Ultra Premium Plus (off-shelf)
Black - Behr Black Ultra Premium Plus (off-shelf)
Brown - Behr Bison Brown 780B-7
Patina - Behr Thermal Springs

Application of the paint can be achieved by using 2 inch or 3 inch roller on an extension pole. This will allow you to apply the paint onto the hanged grid system while walking on the ground. It saves time by not walking up and down the ladder.

If the final intended look should be the two-tone metallic finish, then a second step is required. Once the base color is matched and dried, the metallic paint should be applied with a pad or sponge. A single light layer of the metallic paint should be applied. The matching metallic paints are as follow:

Bronze - Metallic Bronze from Antique Ceilings
Copper - Metallic Copper from Antique Ceilings
Gold - Metallic Gold from Antique Ceilings
Silver - Metallic Silver from Antique Ceilings

A close matching alternative paints can also be purchased from Home Depot and Lowes. We recommend Martha Stewart - Precious Metals as well as Valspar - Earth Elements. Both of the above brands carry selection of all metallic colors that are close to match our paints. Please note, however, that paints carried by us are the same paints used for the faux finish and are hence an exact match.

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