This is a smaller piece of each of the planks in stock. They are about 1 ft each long and mailed using US Priority Mail. This will allow you to see the material as well as the color of the planks before committing to the minimum of 30pc order.

Please order minimum of 30 panels. This is due the dificulty of shipping lesser quantities.

These panels are made from the same material as our ~20"x20" Glue-on tiles and are designed to be installed in the same fasion. Please visit Installation page for additional info.

Each panel is aproximatelly: 39" long and 6.5" wide. Therefore one panel covers: ~1.76 sqft. All of the panels are finished using high-quality technique to make them look just like real wood planks.

Additional photos:

Digital represantation of several panels together:

Virtual Room Representation:
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