Each panel is approximately: 39" long and 6.5" wide. Therefore one panel covers: ~1.76 sqft.
These have a 3-Dimensional Texture design that is molded. There are 3 separate variations. Plank with single knot, Plank with double knot, and simple no-knot wood grain. Each pack contains 12 planks (4 planks in each mold-design). The designs are made so that the grains flow naturally from plank to plank.

Installation of these planks is simple using a glue up method, same as with our 20"x20" foam tiles and our 39"x6.5" 2D Foam Planks.
The 3D planks are made, however, from High Density XPS foam. This makes these 3D planks more rigid and durable.

Photos from installations coming soon.
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