[foam ceiling tile]

We are the only company that sells these tiles at this incredible affordable price ALREADY FINISHED! In fact buying directly from us will allow you to purchase the finished tiles at the price of the unfinished offered by our competitors. Our Antique White tiles are finished with GLIDDEN Antique White 1422 - Semi Gloss. This finish adds to the overall look of the tile. If you are interested in unfinished tiles at even better price please visit our eBay store and/or antiqueceilings.com

The ceiling tiles and panels are made of uniform extruded polystyrene foam. With this technology, it is possible to obtain smooth and even surface. They will give your ceiling an extremely attractive look. Additionally, the tiles have high water resistance and their smooth surface makes them easy to clean with ordinary cleansers. All of the tiles can be painted.
The tiles are 20?x20? and are easily glued to any ceiling without any prior preparation.
These tiles are not raw material. They are painted white.
Please NOTE!:
These tiles are made in Europe in metric system and are APPROXIMATELY 50cm x 50cm (20"x20").


2 tile by 2 tile representation

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